Best external emulator for android studio

Which one is the best external emulator for the Android studio?

Android Studio is the official IDE (integrated development environment) for the Android operating system. After making the app we need to test the app or run the app on an android device. To test our application on a variety of devices and android API level without needing to have each physical device we need the android emulator.

The android emulator simulates android devices on our computer and it provides almost every capability of a real android device. In the android studio, you can create your own virtual devices and you can run the app on those virtual devices or emulators.

But here is a problem, if you don’t have an intel processor or your system does not support AVD (Android virtual device) then you have to use an external emulator for an android studio. For example, I use the AMD Athlon 200Ge processor which doesn’t support by the android studio’s AVD. That’s why I need an Android emulator for android studio. I test a bunch of android emulators in windows 10 such as Droid4x, Bluestacks, GameLoop, LDPlayer, etc. and finally I found a free emulator which is the best for android studio. And the emulator is Nox player. Nox player is also available for Mac OS so this is a plus point for us.

best external emulator for the Android studio

Why I prefer Nox player?

  • Lightweight, fast and free
  • Android 5
  • Easy to use
  • Easily run on AMD processor
  • The good refresh rate for games
  • Available for both windows and mac
  • You can easily customize the key for playing games
  • Android studio can easily detect it
  • It runs apps from the Android studio directly
  • It provides almost every capability of a real android device
  • Offline emulator for android studio

How to download and install the Nox player?

Step 1: Go to 
Step 2: Click on download

official site nox

Step 3: Select a folder to save the file
Step 4: After finishing the download click on the .exe file and install the emulator software.

How to connect Nox player with android studio IDE?

Most of the time Nox player connects with Android studio automatically. What I face in the past 2 years is 95%-time Nox player connects with Android studio automatically. To connect Nox player with android studio automatically all the time you have to follow the following steps:
Step 1: Go to android studio
Step 2: Click on SDK manager

sdk location

Step 3: Note down the android SDK location
Step 4: Go to the Android SDK location in file explorer then click on “platform-tools”

file location nox player

Step 5: Select “adb”, “adbWinApi.dll”, “adbWinUsbApi.dll” files and copy them [ Trick: first click on “adb” and press and hold shift key and then click on “adbWinUsbApi.dll”. Now your 3 files are selected]
Step 6: Go to the drive where you installed Nox player then go to “program files”> Nox> bin and paste those 3 files there.

program files”> Nox> bin

Step 7: Close file explorer, restart Android studio
Step 8: Open Nox player
Yeah within 30 seconds your Nox player will be connected with Android studio.

emulator detected on android studio

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