Cool JavaScript Projects for Beginners

JavaScript is a great programming language. Using this we can create many great things. If you are learning javascript then you should build some projects using what you actually know. Here in this article, we will provide some ideas about different projects which are suitable for beginners.

1. Basic Calculator

You need basic JavaScript to make this project. By completing this project you will learn how to take user input and calculate that using javascript functions. We have an article about this topic. All codes are available and the step-by-step tutorial is written in easy language.

JavaScript Calculator Source Code With Video Explanation

2. QR Code Generator

A QR code is a barcode that can be used to encrypt various information and be scan it from different devices to decrypt the information. The geometric symbols in the QR code basically indicate different letters, numbers, symbols. A QR code scanner can easily find different information according to the location and shape of the symbols and shows the decrypted information to the user. You only need HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create it. Using jquery you can create this tool.

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3. Password Generator

A random password generator is a program or software that can generate different characters, symbols, numbers randomly and create complex passwords. It has different functionality like copy passwords, set lengths, use of different complexity levels, etc. Using a random password generator users can generate a long and complex password for themself. Using JavaScript random method we can generate different numbers, characters, symbols. We can generate random combinations using the same random method. If we can shuffle different symbols, characters and numbers then we can create complex passwords.

Password Generator Source Code (JavaScript, HTML, CSS)

4. Number System Converter

A number system converter is a program or software which can change a number's format. We can write a number in different formats like Decimal, Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal. To change those formate we need to follow some mathematical rules. Using programming language we can perform different mathematical operations. To create any converter we need to understand the main mathematical operation then replicate that operation with the program. Create a flow chart first then design the algorithm and at the end write code according to that algorithm.

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5. Age Calculator

An age calculator is a program or software which can calculate the age using the date of birth. Using an age calculator a user can easily calculate his/her age at a specific date. The age calculation program is a popular project for beginner programmers. If you are new to programming then you should definitely try this project. After finishing this project you will learn how to take input from the user and then process it and sow the final result to the user.

Age Calculator Source Code (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)

You can learn something properly only if you practice and create something using that. To be a good programmer we all should try some interesting projects. Explore how other programmers are creating something using the code. Try to replicate them and upgrade them. Think of something new and spend time finishing that. Explore this website to get more ideas and source code.

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