How To Change App Name In Android Studio

It is important for every android app developer to know how they can change the display name of an app. This name is going to display on the user's phone. That is why this name plays a big role. In this article, we are going to show you that how you can change the name of the app in android studio.

change app name android studio

When We Should Change The App Name?

Before starting the tutorial you need to understand why you should change the name. Rebranding is the most common reason. Maybe you named your app something but now you want to change it. Another common reason is automatically creating an app name according to the project name.

Change App Name From Android Studio

You have to follow some easy steps to change the existing name. Here are those steps:

Step 1: Go to 'AndroidManifest.xml' (app\src\main)

You can find this file easily by the double press on the Shift key. Type the file name in the search box. In this case, we have to type Manifest and find the file from auto-complete. Then press enter key. Here is an image for better understand.

Step 2: Check 'android: label' resource location

Find out the <application> tag. Inside <application> tag you can find the 'android: label'. The default location of the android label is in the string folder. Where we keep all our string data. In some cases, this location can be different. Some developers like to keep short strings in different folders. Click on the image to see details.

Step 3: Go to 'android: label' resource location

Normally it is in the strings.xml file. You can find it using easy file, folder search functionality. Just double press the 'Shift' key. Then type the file name in the search bar. Find strings.xml (app\src\main\res\values) file and open it.

Step 4: Change the existing name

You can find many string values in the strings.xml file. one of them is 'app_name'. Actually, it contains the name of the final app. In the strings.xml file, you can find the code given below

<string name="app_name">Your App Name</string>

Just change the current name and rerun the app on the testing device or AVD. If your processor doesn't support AVD then you can use an external emulator for app testing. Here is an article about Best external emulator for android studio


If you are not the developer of that app and you want to publish that on the play store then it is not going to help you. There are many people who buy the source file and publish it without changing the package name. It is the main reason behind app rejection. Change the package name and do some changes before publishing the app on the Google Play Store. If your app is unique and you developed that then this process is for you.

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